KMW is expanding

KMW continues to expand. Since 2011, KMW has acquired and integrated six Accounting practices:


  • Swayne & Hutley (2012)
  • Accountia (2014)
  • Accounting One (2015)
  • Marinsons (2015)
  • Snelleksz & Co (2017)
  • Borgeaud & Co (2017)


The practices operate now from two offices, Sherwood and Southport, offering a wide range of services:

Tax & Accounting

SMSF Advisory

Financial Planning (via KMW Financial Services)

EMDG advisory (Via Australian Grant Solutions)

R&D advisory

Business Consulting


Our Director, Scott Amos, says, “KMW, over the past 7 years has proved that it is very capable of acquiring small accounting practices and integrating them into our existing infrastructure. We have over 25 staff, many of whom have come with these acquisitions. We have created a very solid base for further expansion”

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