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KPI Monitoring & Reports.

While many small to medium enterprises (SMEs) think that key performance indicators (KPI’s) are measurement tools used mainly by large corporations, SMEs can gain distinct advantage by setting them for their own businesses. KPI’s are important as they keep the focus on the drivers of your business that affect profitability.

Without KPI’s, it can be almost impossible to know what to focus on when time is at a premium and there are competing priorities. Setting KPI’s enables you to better manage your time so you apportion time and effort appropriately to the parts of your business that will achieve improved profitability.

KMW Accountants are experienced in helping businesses set key performance indicators and can help you monitor them quarterly or monthly as your business requires.

The data that underpins the measurement of KPI’s can usually be sourced from your bookkeeper.

KMW's comprehensive Key Indicator Report will include a review of your current system for measuring performance and development of new performance indicators. The KPI’s we define will help support strategic objectives, create a strong focus on core processes and serve as an early warning system for problems and basis for all your business planning and decision-making.