DIY Super

SMSF is a great opportunity to grow your super fund, but beware of the risks; it is vital to seek professional help from DIY Super in Sherwood.

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KMW is expanding

KMW continues to expand. Since 2011, KMW has acquired and integrated six Accounting practices:   Swayne & Hutley (2012) Accountia (2014) Accounting One (2015) Marinsons (2015) Snelleksz & Co (2017)…

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Australias unrecognised economic feat

Australia recently reached a much-ignored economic milestone. At the end of June, the economy marked two decades without a recession. A report released in September showed that Australia’s economy grew…

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Expect the Unexpected

Income protection insurance is worth considering for all working people.  It can pay a proportion of your salary if you’re temporarily unable to work because of sickness or injury. We…

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Super Legislation Update

We are currently awaiting the finalisation by the ATO of two draft rulings concerning superannuation: SMSFR 2011/D1 on limited recourse borrowing arrangements (due 16 May 2012) TR 2011/D3 on superannuation income streams (due 26 April 2012)

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Is your company innovative?

The R&D Tax Concession is designed to incentivise companies that are innovative and competitive in all Australian industries. The concession allows eligible companies to deduct up to 125% of eligible…

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